Soani is an Italian fashion brand designed to meet the demands of the modern contemporary women.

Our creations are the result of study, creativity, experimentation and attention to detail. Soani dress collections are the perfect example of fashionable lifestyle of today’s trendsetting young women.

Each dress is indeed the result of a careful study of colors and materials, that combine perfectly beautiful fabric and trimmings in an international and Italian style.

Soani dresses young women for special occasions, at the most special moments of their lives, but also for some elegant occasion that need a stylish dress


We currently have more than 300 points of sale across Italy with our different dress collections.

And while our business is thriving in our country, we would like to expand our reach to other international markets.

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We strongly believe that our fashion line would be perfect for your customers and profitable for you.
Contact us for more info, we are able to show our collection live! Soani rules a new concept of fashion!